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(Message started by: Cary on Today at 13:52)

Title: Threads marked as read.
Post by Cary on Today at 13:52
I seem to be having a problem with this since the site was migrated. Once I've read a thread and then return to the main index page it still shows unread threads on the board index. If I return to the particular board no thread show as unread but I have to click on the "mark threads as read" before the notification goes off the main index page. I've tried refreshing on the main board index but makes no difference. Minor problem but any clues?


(and my cat's got squashed again  :-/  )

Title: Re: Threads marked as read.
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 17:08
Hello Cary

I've long had my doubts about the usefulness (because of their unreliability) of these 'new' indicators at Board and Thread level, which is part of the reason I recently removed the graphic from the Thread index. Non-resetting of the flags is related to the route by which you access each message, thread or board, as I tried to explain in the final two Answers in the the Forum FAQ (http://www.peteatkin.com/cgi-bin/mv/YaBB.cgi?board=faq;action=display;num=1090753191). Do you really find these useful? If so I should try and find a fix, though I've got to say it would have to be a long-term project. If not I might be inclined to remove the indication even at Board level, leaving the user's browser's indication of visited/unvisited -- probably best viewed in the short-form (i.e. long) Recent Posts listing -- to indicate up-to-date status.

As for the moggie -- don't know what's happened there. You mean your Garfield avatar? That's a 32 x 32 px GIF in the avatars subdirectory, and seems to have always been so. You could always link to your own image hosted elsewhere, using your Edit Profile page. Or if you prefer I'll host it on peteatkin.com and send you the link.


Title: Re: Threads marked as read.
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 17:51
Oooh -- oh bugger, I'm sorry!

I just realised -- perhaps your cat got squished in retribution for some annoying feature of the Forum. The hapless feline just happened to be in range when you flung the laptop across the room!

My condolences.


Title: Re: Threads marked as read.
Post by Cary on Today at 17:52
Thanks Steve - really not a big enough issue for any time spent thanks. Just wondered if there was a quick fix my end.

The Moggie is the ASCII one on my signature. If you remember for years on my email I thought I had a beautifully rendered ASCII moggie on my signature but it turned out only my email program (Pegasus) saw it that way - everyone else saw a poor squashed Mog (something to do with proportional fonts!). Managed to get a good rendition in my Midnight Voices Forum Signature but I think that one's been run over now!! :'(

But thank you for your condolences which arrived just as this message was leaving!!

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