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(Message started by: Leslie Moss on Today at 13:08)

Title: Delay on multiple postings
Post by Leslie Moss on Today at 13:08
Is it just me or is the restriction on one post per five minutes new? It's rather annoying - I have a habit of visiting the forum and responding to several postings at the same time. Now I have to wait 5 minutes between each the process is much less slick.

Leslie (sitting here twiddling his thumbs for 2 more minutes before pressing the Post button)

Title: Re: Delay on multiple postings
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 14:45
Hi Leslie

Not you, and not new: it's an original anti-spam measure. But no good if it gets in the way of legitimate posting. So, I've changed it to 1 minute -- sufficient to slow down a robotic spammer but not significantly (I hope) impact follow-on posting time, unless you're a very speedy writer!

However, I note the purpose of your second message today was to correct a typo in your first. Couldn't you simply have used the 'Modify' function? If done within 6 minutes it leaves no trace.


Title: Re: Delay on multiple postings
Post by Leslie Moss on 09.12.08 at 13:53
Thanks Steve - didn't realise that there was a Modify function - I suspect with my clumsy fingers it's one I'll be using frequently in future!


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