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(Message started by: Secret Drinker on Today at 13:17)

Title: Bug on home page display?
Post by Secret Drinker on Today at 13:17
I just noticed that on the home page "Newest post" display for the Music section it says:

Re: Guitars, the PA use of
25.07.05 at 10:46
by chris_evans

This seems to show the correct thread but the wrong date and contributor name. (If it helps, the thread that chris_evans conributed to on that date was "Uploads and downloads")

Any ideas?



p.s. apologies for further increasing my posting counter - been trying to keep it down lately, believe it or not  :huh:

Title: Re: Bug on home page display?
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 13:30
Yep, sure does look like a bug. The same thing has happened in other boards too. I suspect the deletion of all those spams yesterday has moved a file pointer somewhere. But the main 'previous messages' listings and the board/thread/message entries are OK, I think.

I could fix it (hard), lose the otherwise useful reference entry (pity), or  ignore it and wait till someone else posts in those boards, thereby correcting it (easy). Now, I wonder what it will be...


PS - don't keep your score down. You never know, you might be on the threshold of greatness (or a new member category).

Title: Fixed: Bug on home page display?
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 23:58
Should be OK now.


[Later: some threads remain out of chronological sequence, and 'latest' is not always latest -- more work needed on these, though new posts to any board will show up correctly.]

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