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(Message started by: nick.adie on Today at 19:42)

Title: Mail Box - Error
Post by nick.adie on Today at 19:42

found a 'bug' for you ...

When trying to delete a message in my mail box get the following 'debug' message.

Line 164
Error: 'document.yabbim.allbox' is null or not an object


p.s. Yes I'm sad, I'm running my browser in 'debug mode' ! :o ::)

Title: Re: Mail Box - Error
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 21:04
Hmmm, looks like a bug in Advanced IM box 2.1, which substitutes a new InstantMessage.pl. (See also here (http://www.boardmod.org/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=modbugs;action=display;num=1092405917)). Does it occur on checking the message for deletion, or on hitting the <Delete> button? Does it happen every time, irrespective of how many messages in the IM box, or only occasionally (I just tested a single message deletion and had no problem)? Presumably your message remains undeleted? I can send you the source if you're interested...

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