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(Message started by: Stewart Betts on Today at 18:11)

Title: Catching up....
Post by Stewart Betts on Today at 18:11
OK - my head's spinning a bit.  Registered at the beginning of last week and had fun exploring.  Then went away for a few days, couldn't get on the PC (daughters bought a Sims expansion pack) and now finally I find myself faced with loads of postings, threads etc. etc.

Has anyone got any advice on how I can get a quick overview of what's been going on? I thought about picking my way through the "bold" posts in the 500 most recent list, but that seems like most of them!


Title: Re: Catching up....
Post by JtJ on 24.11.04 at 20:50
Hi there!

It seems traffic on this forum has slowed down a lot recently.
(Apart from some Clown trying to arrange a Herts, Beds, Bucks etc. Sclonch!)

Apologies for clogging up the "Last N posts feature" which may inhibit others from posting.

Hope that's not the case however.
Christmas is coming (etc) and we've just had PoD, after all!

Must say I'm getting the hang of this Forum thing now.
Hope you (all) are too.


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