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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 08:46)

Title: Nina Simone: The Lost Album
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 08:46
The story of how a collection of songs written 52 years ago by an unknown brother/sister partnership from a small town in upstate New York came to be considered for recording by the great Nina Simone. Apparently there was a contract in place, but sadly Nina Simone died before any of the songs could be recorded.

The material lay forgotten until the writers' son came across the song sheets and approached singer Emeli Sandé with a view to having them performed in Simone's style. This programme follows Emeli working up the songs with arranger/pianist Simon Wallace and a small drums/bass/percussion combo, culminating in a performance at Ronnie Scott's club in Soho.

I missed this when it was broadcast on the Sky Arts channel in November 2022, but I now find that it's available for viewing on Vimeo through the film-maker's site at https://www.longtailfilms.co.uk/Simone.html (https://www.longtailfilms.co.uk/Simone.html)

http://www.peteatkin.com/images/SW - Nina songs.jpg (https://www.longtailfilms.co.uk/Simone.html)

I think the appeal of the programme for MV members may lie not in the songs themselves (although the Landesman/Wallace song 'Scars' is included in the set), but in seeing 'our' Simon taking those lead sheets and together with that band working his magic on them.


Title: Re: Nina Simone: The Lost Album
Post by Phil Smith on 26.05.23 at 00:27
Yes, it was a joy to find this film whilst surfing t'net last night. I was previously unacquainted with Ms Sande, nor was I aware pf the full background of the musicians involved [including, to my shame, Simon Wallace].
Whilst straying off the subject of the amazing talent of Nina Simone, or indeed Emili Sande, I became even more aware of the talents of Simon, and his importance as an arranger and collaborator with Pete.
If only I could have been able to entice not only Pete but Simon to the Eyemouth gig I organised what seems like an eternity ago... Still, a decent acoustic piano would not have been possible, and cost would probably been prohibitive.
For those who were there and those who wern't, Eyemouth Hippodrome has ceased to exist as a music venue. Covid, lockdown and failing attendances...
But the Pete Eyemouth gig remains a personal achievement, and thank you so much for the Midnight Voicers who helped to make it so.

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