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(Message started by: avner greenberg on Today at 07:51)

Title: Kazuo Ishiguro - singer songwriter
Post by avner greenberg on Today at 07:51
Happened to hear an interview with the Nobel laureate on Radio 4's Front Row last Wednesday:

In his (very) young days he wrote song lyrics and sang as well, with a group. And did the rounds of record companies with his demos ...
Says that writing songs was his apprenticeship, and that he learned a lot from Dylan.
The relevant bit begins at minute 21.

Surely he must be familiar with Clive's poems and song lyrics, but has he actually heard Pete singing them??? If not, he should be enlightened (he lives in North London, perhaps nearby one of us) :)

Title: Re: Kazuo Ishiguro - singer songwriter
Post by Rob Spence on 19.12.17 at 12:25
Love his lyrics for Stacey Kent. A touch of the surreal about them.

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