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(Message started by: Sylfest on Today at 13:04)

Title: Araucaria RIP
Post by Sylfest on Today at 13:04
Dead at 92, the Rev John Graham.
My Dad and I would work together for hours over his Guardian and Observer puzzles together when I was a kid. Araucaria was amazing, a fizzingly creative teacher of the love of words.
Earlier this year he announced his terminal illness in a crossword. Yesterday lunchtime, for old times' sake I tried out his most recent puzzle on the website, and found 'nil by mouth' among the answers.
Readers recall some of their favourite Araucaria clues:

Title: Re: Araucaria RIP
Post by Simon Reap on 05.02.14 at 18:53
Sadly missed.

I've only just discovered that my favourite ever clue "Heggs (11)" was one of his.

(Answer given on Raybeard (http://raybeard.blogspot.ie/2012/01/lightening-mood-solutions-to-those.html)'s blog)

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