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(Message started by: oliver ash on Today at 08:23)

Title: The Sugar Man
Post by oliver ash on Today at 08:23
A friend recommended this recent Oscar winning documentary, about a genius musician, who produces a couple of flop albums but eventually gets some surprising recognition (rings a PA bell?). To say I enjoyed it would be the understatement of the year. I thought I would post here just in case any others were oblivious to the movie. It is an absolutely extraordinary story.

If this is old hat and there is another thread on it then apologies but enthusiasm will out.

Good wishes to all.

Title: Re: The Sugar Man
Post by Carole on 17.11.13 at 11:15
A bit late back on this one Oliver. When you mentioned it I made a mental note but for some reason, mental notes don't always work these days! I had a message a few days ago from the inestimable Avner Greenberg of this parish asking if I'd seen it and saying pretty much the same as you. So that prompted me. We've now watched it and I can't thank you enough for flagging this. It's a gem of a story, one not to be missed.


Title: Re:  The Sugar Man
Post by oliver ash on 29.11.13 at 16:38
Carole I've only just seen your reply to my message; I must admit I'd been wondering if I'd gone overboard about Rodriguez seeing as nobody was reacting, except that I've been listening to nothing else for two months, the story still strikes me as amazing and the movie had Geraldine in tears...

Also if you look on i-tunes to see the movie ratings there is nothing but 5* praise for the movie and the man.

Of course on top of this there are some clear echoes of Pete Atkin too, not in the music but in the story. (brilliant musician ignored by the general public, etc)

I'm delighted you enjoyed it, perhaps a few others with give their reactions too...?

Hope all is well in Birkhill land.

Title: Re:  The Sugar Man
Post by avner greenberg on 11.12.13 at 20:19
Oliver, I too was very moved by this film and story, and immediately struck by the parallels to the story of Pete and Midnight Voices: original quality albums made in the early seventies, commercial failure, the artist goes off to do his own thing until tracked down by some faithful fans in 1997 and returns to perform to a rapturous audience.

It seems, however, that the film-maker hasn't told the whole story. This Rodriguez guy was popular down under and not only in South Africa, and toured Oz in 1979 (performing with a band named Midnight Oil no less). He can be seen on You Tube performing at Glastonbury 2013 and in SA in 1998. I wonder quite how genuine this innocent-detached-from-the-material-world persona really is.

I find some of his songs very catchy, but in my admittedly biased opinion his music doesn't really bear comparison to Atkin-James. So a documentary on the career of the MV divinity could potentially be even better than Searching for Sugarman! Nevertheless, recommended viewing for all MVs.

Best wishes,

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