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(Message started by: Kevin Cryan on Today at 07:57)

Title: Happy Thanksgiving Day
Post by Kevin Cryan on Today at 07:57
Thanksgiving is America's national chow-down feast, the one occasion each year when gluttony becomes a patriotic duty. ~Michael Dresser

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. ~Aesop

I'm inclined to take Aesop's view.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

Kevin Cryan

Title: Re: Happy Thanksgiving Day
Post by Gerry Smith on 26.11.11 at 00:34
Well, er, yes, thanks, but Thanksgiving Day is alien to my culture, in common with much that emanates from the US, which is probably the biggest threat to world peace there is.

But I hope everyone had a good time.

"Someone exploded an H bomb the other day. But it was no-one I know."

Title: Re: Happy Thanksgiving Day
Post by Revelator on 28.11.11 at 19:49
As far as holidays go, Thanksgiving is a pretty good one, and the idea of being grateful for what you have is not alien to any culture. What is disgusting is how a day of thanks is immediately followed by a day wholly dedicated to greed and consumerism--"Black Friday." The world would actually be more peaceful is a holiday like Thanksgiving was celebrated around the world. But it would be more disgusting and crass if everyone followed it by going shopping.

Title: Re: Happy Thanksgiving Day
Post by BogusTrumper on 30.11.11 at 15:41
When I were a lad in Blighty, we used tio have Harvest Festival - the same sort of thing  :)

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