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(Message started by: Sylfest on Today at 23:09)

Title: Ron Sexsmith, songwriter
Post by Sylfest on Today at 23:09
Hi y'all
A couple of months ago I happened to stumble on a late-night music documentary called 'Love Shines'. It followed the fortunes of  Ron Sexsmith, an awkward, underachieving, somewhat bumbling singer-songwriter from St Catherine's, Ontario.
Bloody hell, there were some really fine songs in there. This guy has a phenomenal gift for pop melodies, and a direct and affecting  lyrical style (if not exactly profound). His voice will probably split opinions, but for me it more than does the job.
The tunes are probably the most striking thing about him. As one reviewer wondered, 'Why doesn't he have a house made out of gold discs?'
If you're interested in songwriting, give Ron a listen. By now he's accumulated a large catalogue back to 1995, but his wide-ranging first solo album, Ron Sexsmith, could well the best place to start. (See if you are as impressed by 'Galbraith Street' as I am - a fine example of an unusual structure carrying the emotional freight of the song.)
At the end of August /start of September he has gigs in Cheltenham, Oxford, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham, Sheffield and Norwich. I hope to get to one of them.

Title: Re: Ron Sexsmith, songwriter
Post by Ian Ashleigh on 21.07.11 at 13:09
I too saw the same documentary and came to a similar conclusion.  I hope to catch the Brighton gig.

Title: Re: Ron Sexsmith, songwriter
Post by Rob Spence on 22.07.11 at 18:50
His song "Get in Line" was playing, rather incongruously, at our local DIY superstore this afternoon. I got in line.

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