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(Message started by: dragonfall on Today at 23:34)

Title: Clive on Mastermind
Post by dragonfall on Today at 23:34
Evening, all. Hardcore fans who have the PA/CJ Facebook page listed among their favourites as well as MV may have noticed my recent post about the Mastermind semi-final next Friday 8th April at 8.00 on BBC2. Radio Times also mentions that one of the specialist subjects is to be Clive James. In fact, that's me that is, answering questions on Clive's series of Unreliable Memoirs. If you find yourself in front of a tellybox around that time, you might like to tune in and play along. If I get through to the final, I have chosen as my specialist subject the Film Music of John Barry... because you can never have enough genius composers in your life, right? Maybe see you all there.

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