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(Message started by: Ian Ashleigh on Today at 17:21)

Title: 2011
Post by Ian Ashleigh on Today at 17:21
May 2011 bring you all you would wish for yourself.  

Have a very good New Year to all MVs and your nearest and dearest.

Title: Re: 2011
Post by Keith Busby on 29.12.10 at 14:24
Likewise, Ian, and others.

Title: Re: 2011
Post by Pete Atkin on 30.12.10 at 17:33
I feel I should apologise for my own comparative lack of musical activity this past year, whilst of course acknowledging that some may consider that to have been one of the blessings of 2010.  But I've been sorry for mainly myself, since most of the said inactivity has been enforced by a frozen left shoulder, which I'm pleased to say is 99.829% recovered, so I now have little or no excuse beyond my congenital laziness for not getting musical things back under way in 2011, perhaps the most important of those musical things being some new recording.   So that's what I wish for myself.  For all of you and all of yours I wish relief from whatever may ail you, avoidance of what might ail you, and an appreciation for what doesn't ail you, i.e. all in all a happy new year.

Title: Re: 2011
Post by Rob Spence on 30.12.10 at 23:27
Hurrah for that news! I'm sure all MVs will be delighted. Happy New Year to you Pete, and everyone else in these parts.

Title: Re: 2011
Post by dr_john on 31.12.10 at 10:36
And a Happy New Year to all from famous Lincolnshire - may all your assets (shoulders, pipes, or brass accoutrements) remain unfrozen in 2011!

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