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(Message started by: Kevin Cryan on Today at 08:26)

Post by Kevin Cryan on Today at 08:26
I donít suppose that the Above The Title production team which brings to our wirelesses  VAL DOONICAN: ROCKING (BUT GENTLY) (http://www.abovethetitle.com/product/VAL%20DOONICAN:%20ROCKING%20(BUT%20GENTLY)/) will find time to mention Val's recording of The Flowers and the Wine (words Clive James/music Pete Atkin).

Actually, I'm quite looking forward to this documentary, if only because Doonican's career in entertainment parallels, and indeed was part of, some subtle changes that were taking place in the entertainment business itself, and in particular in the ways in which that entertainment was broadcast to the nation.

Kevin Cryan


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