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(Message started by: Ian Chippett on Today at 09:33)

Title: Around Robert Wyatt
Post by Ian Chippett on Today at 09:33
I know there are lots of RW fans among us so they may like to get hold of "Around Robert Wyatt" by l'Orchestre National de Jazz which features the Man Himself on several of the songs, not all written by him but associated with him in some way. The various girl singers are excellent but you'll have to grit your teeth when listening to Arno and Daniel Darc as they massacre "Just As You Are" and "O Caroline." It's not really a jazz album but it's a bit difficult to define what kind of album it is. Worth a listen anyway just for the the arrangements and solos. Very slight PA connection as I was asked to translate the sleeve notes into English but was put off by the French Non-Speak in which they were originally written ("sa musique serpente sur les plus hautes cimes de la pop" indeed!) and handed over the task to my mate and ex-Joker Tom (who performed at the CoD in 2001) and did an admirable task on the notes, thus getting his name in the Thanks column and maybe even getting paid for it.

RW is appearing live in London shortly with Cahrlie Haden in an Ornette Coleman Festival (I think.) Can't remember where or when exactly but it should be Googleable.

Ian C

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