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(Message started by: BogusTrumper on Today at 13:36)

Title: 50 years ago today.....
Post by BogusTrumper on Today at 13:36
....some say the music died.

Living in Iowa, we have to remember this day.


The wreckage of a single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza was scattered across a small area of snow-covered cornfield outside of Clear Lake, Iowa. The plane crashed into the ground suddenly, so most of the smoldering rubble was concentrated in one area. Three passengers — Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson, a.k.a. “The Big Bopper” — were ejected from the plane and died on impact, as did the pilot, 21-year-old Roger Peterson.

That happened on Feb. 3, 1959, exactly 50 years ago this Tuesday.

Title: Re: 50 years ago today.....
Post by Kevin Cryan on Today at 20:51

on 02/03/09 at 13:36:01, BogusTrumper wrote :
....some say the music died.


Some others don't quite see it that way.

Think It Over - Buddy Holly

For a lot of people music takes on special significance because of the events it's associated with. For me it's the other way around: moments of uniquely musical revelation have always created vivid snapshots of where I was at that often otherwise insignificant instant. For instance, in the 1950s, I was hardly aware of gramophone records at all; songs were seeping into my brain via the BBC, mostly in studio performances. Gramophone records then commanded roughly the same proportion of airtime as is occupied nowadays by poetry or angling programmes. But then one shiny Cambridge afternoon I was cycling home from school past a terrace of small grey-brick houses near the railway, and I heard what had to have been a record being played through an open window. I had no idea who or what it was, and I didn't even stop to listen, but the sound of it lodged in my brain - I'd never heard anything like that odd style of singing and that jangling kind of guitar or that tune that didn't end 'properly'. It instantly activated my musical taste buds and moved all of my listening up a gear - for ever. I didn't find out what it was until much later, when my friend Colin (who had a record player) bought an LP called The Buddy Holly Story. The instant this track began, I knew that it was the song I'd been waiting to hear again. I can still point out the window.

Extract from Pete Atkin's late summer of 1998 contribution to  Bath & West Life (http://www.peteatkin.com/topfive.htm)

Kevin Cryan

Title: Re: 50 years ago today.....
Post by Kevin Cryan on 04.02.09 at 07:57

on 02/03/09 at 20:51:44, Kevin Cryan wrote :
Some others don't quite see it that way.


Kevin Cryan

Think It Over (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glG17s0VNeA)

The Crickets (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crickets)

With Buddy Holly (Guitar, Vocal), Jerry Allison (Drums) and Joe. B. Mauldin (Bass), The Crickets recorded "Think it Over" February 14 1958 in Clovis New Mexico.

This is take 4. Take 5 became the master. The song,  written by  Holly, Allison and Norman Petty was released on single, as the A-Side to Fool´s Paradise was the last Crickets' hit to go top 40, charting (in the US) at No. 27 in July 1958.

Kevin Cryan

Title: Re: 50 years ago today.....
Post by BogusTrumper on 05.02.09 at 15:07
Nice Pete link - thanks!

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