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(Message started by: Alex_Gunningham on Today at 10:29)

Title: Stuart "Pev" Pevitt R.I.P.
Post by Alex_Gunningham on Today at 10:29
It saddens me to report the news of the physical death of Stuart “Pev” Pevitt, lead singer of the Purple Gang.

“Pev” passed away from cancer on Tuesday the 6th of January, 2009, at St. Anne’s Hospice in Manchester. Poor “Pev” was brave and stoical throughout his suffering. His good humour and wry wit never wavered throughout his illness.

The link below will take you to my obituary for "Pev" in yesterday's Guardian:[font=Arial][/font]


Title: Re: Stuart "Pev" Pevitt R.I.P.
Post by Anne H on Today at 19:24
Very sad to read this.  Thanks for posting.

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