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(Message started by: David V Barrett on Today at 16:04)

Title: Live music threatened
Post by David V Barrett on Today at 16:04
Probably most if not all of us on this forum have seen Pete playing in a pub at some point.  I heard about the following via the Strawbs email list, and have been passing it on to all the music lists I'm on.  It affects all of us (if we live in Britain).

Anyone in Britain who enjoys live music, please take a look at this petition on the No 10 Downing Street website: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/NoNoiseControl/

   We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to NOT introduce sound control devices as a legal requirement in entertainment venues!

   It has been brought to attention that the government wish to consider it a legal requirement in the new tax year to introduce laws insisting anyone applying or re-applying for an entertainment license must have a noise control device fitted to the venue. This will be the final NAIL for ALL entertainment in the UK as the level at which these devices CUT you off is dreadfully low and damaging.


This will certainly affect small music clubs in the back rooms and upstairs rooms of pubs, which probably most of us have enjoyed attending and some of us have enjoyed playing in over the years.

The petition ends on Friday 23rd January, so if you agree with it, sign up now!  (UK citizens only.)

David Barrett (Midnight)

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