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(Message started by: naomi on Today at 01:38)

Title: Yee-ha !!
Post by naomi on Today at 01:38
... and other suitable expressions of enthusiasm will be greeting the fantastic Hot Club of Cowtown as they tour these islands.

I feel sure that other Midnight Voices will enjoy this superb Western Swing band as much as I did at Dingwalls in Camden Town last Thursday, when they wowed an audience of all ages.  

So here is the web address for their tour (which I hope is correct, as I have never before attempted to post a web address on a website):


With music by composers from Duke Ellington to Bob Dylan (with whom the band have toured), they show exhilarating musicianship - and create such a friendly atmosphere.


Title: Re: Yee-ha !!
Post by Seán Kelly on 08.09.08 at 21:51
and the video as Anne Hoops (that's a verb not a surname) to their music is pretty wonderful too!

Title: Re: Yee-ha !!
Post by Pete Atkin on 09.09.08 at 12:25
If you like this kind of stuff (and I do admit to a certain weakness in this direction myself), check out Uncle Earl.

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