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(Message started by: Secret Drinker on Today at 13:01)

Title: PA's influence on George Papavgeris
Post by Secret Drinker on Today at 13:01
I thought I'd mention this because I think it might get missed by many MVs otherwise - PA on the web alert!

Those of you who were at the PoD a few years ago will know that one of our number George Papavgeris (MV member El Greko) performed a few of his own songs as one of the many support acts for Pete's own sets.

Since then, George has been gradually making quite a name for himself on the folk scene, writing high quality songs at (to me) an incredibly prolific rate. I mention all this because I'm sure George is far too modest to plug himself on this forum (he doesn't know I'm posting this by the way), but I've seen him a few times since PoD and I'm very impressed with his songs and performances, and can recommend him to MVs unreservedly as a writer of well-crafted songs with meaningful lyrics, and as an excellent performer and entertainer. For those who don't know, this is all the more remarkable because George only started to write songs about five years ago, and his tally is about 180 songs since then.

Anyway, the reason I'm now mentioning him is that currently on Radio Britfolk, there's an interview with George about his musical influences, which of course include Pete Atkin. During the interview, George cites Pete's songs (and Clive's lyrics) as a major influence (probably the most important) on his own writing. During the programme Pete's version of Thirty Year Man is played, and you can hear an early recording of George playing Girl On The Train.

The interview is here (http://www.radiobritfolkhome.co.uk/programme.aspx?path=philinterviewgeorgep)

Right George, if you read this, I think that's worth a pint  ;D



Title: Re: PA's influence on George Papavgeris
Post by Simon Reap on 29.11.06 at 18:11
Thanks for this, Paul.

Note when you listen to this, the new album, "For my next trick.." was released *last* March, and is now available from George's site (http://www.folk4all.net/Albums.htm) (my order went in about 30 seconds after the interview finished!)


Title: Re: PA's influence on George Papavgeris
Post by Secret Drinker on 30.11.06 at 09:26
Glad you found the interview interesting, Simon. One thing I forgot to mention is that unless you're a subscriber to Radio Britfolk, you won't be able to hear the interview after (I think) a week has elapsed (similar to the BBC's "Listen Again" facility). I'm not sure when it was posted on the site, but if you want to hear it, I suggest you do it asap as it could disappear soon.



Title: Re: PA's influence on George Papavgeris
Post by Glenn on 19.12.06 at 13:21
If anyone wants to hear some of George's music he has his own MySpace page with four songs to listen to -  http://www.myspace.com/georgepapavgeris.


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