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(Message started by: Secret Drinker on Today at 12:39)

Title: Tritones, the Devil, and s*x
Post by Secret Drinker on Today at 12:39
Just found an article of the BBC website
(http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4952646.stm ) about tritones. Given our hero's predilection for this interval, I thought some of you might be interested!

Apparently, the tritone was considered by the Church in times past to invoke 'sexual feelings', and "There is something very sexual about the tritone" according to a quote from 'rock producer' Bob Ezrin (who?). I can't say I've particularly noticed it having that effect on me - but how was it for you, Pete? ;D



Title: Re: Tritones, the Devil, and s*x
Post by Gerry Smith on Today at 15:22
Thanks, Paul; interesting read. Anthony Pryer, whom the article quotes is one of my old lecturers from my Goldsmiths days and says in the article anything which I may have otherwise added. The mediaevals sure had some strange ideas about music, not just the tritone - the major third and Ionian mode (the modern major scale) were definite no no's too.

Played on its own it is certainly an ugly interval. I often hear it these days trilled out by telephones, especially in offices. It gives a sense of urgency which demands a response. So by answering the phone we are resolving a dissonance!

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