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(Message started by: Secret Drinker on Today at 12:08)

Title: Mr Crock misses out on Bafta
Post by Secret Drinker on Today at 12:08
I'm surprised no-one here has remarked on the Wallace & Gromit "Were-Rabbit" movie winning a Bafta.

Unfortunately due to an administrative error, Mr Crock's nomination as Best Supporting Actor was accidentally replaced on the shortlist by someone called Jake Gyllenhaal.

But at least Mr Crock can take solace from the fact that without his sterling performance, the film would not have been able to walk off with the prize.

My signed photo of the star (believed to be unique) might now be worth considerably more than the 99p estimate - probably 1.49GBP at least.

Well done Mr Crock!  :)


Paul  :cool:

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