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(Message started by: Leslie Moss on Today at 11:34)

Title: Spam
Post by Leslie Moss on Today at 11:34
Steve I think you're being way too generous in giving our spammer the benefit of the doubt. Every aspect of his posting oozes spam, including the early reference to "continuing the thread" which did not in fact exist.  It's clearly a cut and paste job from another bulletin board. By keeping the posting up albeit that the thread is closed, you are playing the spammer's game.

Can I suggest that the posting (and this one too if you like) is simply removed. Keep him on your list if you want, but remove the posting.


Title: Re: Spam
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 13:39
You're quite right Leslie. The message from "roseman" does MV's public record no credit, and shouldn't persist in the archive. I've deleted the offending thread.


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