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(Message started by: Roger Cornwell on Today at 12:12)

Title: Internet Radio Stations
Post by Roger Cornwell on Today at 12:12
Well, this forum has been quiet for over a week, so I thought I'd kick it into life by asking MVs if they could recommend any radio stations that stream over the web?

And to start you off, I'll mention WUMB (http://www.wumb.org), "Folk Music Radio, a community service of the University of Massachusetts, Boston". This plays 24-hour folk music, as its name suggests, but with a very broad definition of that term. My favourite programme goes out on Saturday mornings, 12 noon to 4pm our time (7am-11am in Boston): called 'Highway 61 Revisited' it does indeed play the talented Mr Dylan about once an hour, also some interesting covers and other folk and folk-rock items as far out as Jefferson Airplane.

For me, and perhaps for others but not everybody, there's also a political attitude that shows that not all the USA has signed up to George Bush's world view, epitomised perhaps by playing Buffy St Marie's Universal Soldier during the Iraq war.

Title: Re: Internet Radio Stations
Post by Theo Clarke on 24.02.05 at 19:31
How warming to think that another of us listens to WUMB.  It is  a regular bookmark for me. I love their playlist and get quiet pleasure from the faintly amateur production values ... taking me back to the local radio of the early seventies.


Title: Re: Internet Radio Stations
Post by Chris Reichardt on 25.03.05 at 17:25
Sorry Roger but being a Blues fan, I don't listen to stations like WUMB.

However, just in case you don't use Live 365 to listen to WUMB, you may find this link of interest:-


There's literally hundreds of stations listed under "Folk" (including "Folking Hell" which includes Robb Johnson on their playlist) which may be the reason you've asked the question in the first place and several can only be listened to if you're a paying member.

Also, some are very eclectic in their playlists!  :o

Hope this helps.


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