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(Message started by: colin_boag on Today at 18:14)

Title: question...
Post by colin_boag on Today at 18:14
What links Grace Kelly, Frida Kahlo, Abba and Saint Andrew?  To get the answer to this question I recommend that you listen to the repeat of 'Hermless' on Radio Scotland's Listen Again section.  Interestingly, the programme also includes the widely - and rightly - acclaimed poet and dramatist, Liz Lochead, describing a songwriter as being too clever to be a major star...spot any similarities?

And a happy Hogmanay to one and all.  


Title: Re: question...
Post by Mike Walters on 03.01.05 at 13:41
As Colin previously pointed out, Michael Marra's increasingly excellent website (possibly the now the second best site devoted to a little-known but excellent singer-songwriter) has made an enormous amount of Marra's music available for sampling on line over the Christmas period.    Even more intriguingly, though, I notice that the site has now made available all of his albums (including deleted early ones which means I can finally fill the odd gaps in my own collection) for legal download as MP3s at 1 a track.  I wonder if this might be a possible way forward for Pete particularly with regard to the 1970s albums, given the presumable unlikelihood of another See for Miles type deal in the foreseeable future.  I imagine there would be the usual rights problems with the old RCA albums, and it may well be that, given that most of the old guard have probably now taken up the opportunity to purchase the albums on CD, Pete would rather concentrate on the future.  But it struck me as an interesting parallel...

Happy new year


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