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(Message started by: Secret Drinker on Today at 16:53)

Title: End of an era
Post by Secret Drinker on Today at 16:53
I'm not sure quite what to say about the end of the old MV mailing list (or even where to say it, hence this posting in the OT area). But I assume I'm not the only one who experienced a tiny twinge of sadness at its passing, in spite of this new forum carrying on the good work. The nearest thing I can remember to it was listening to Radio London's final broadcast in 1967.

I'd just like to say again how very grateful I am to Steve for starting the MV forum seven years ago, and for all his tireless efforts on our behalf since then. It's brought a lot of pleasure to me and many others.

Here's looking forward to the next seven years and beyond...

MV is dead - long live MV!



Title: Re: End of an era
Post by Gerry Smith on Today at 18:55
Quite, Paul, I absolutely agree.  Whilst I'm delighted that MV will continue via this forum, Steve's 'Final report' did indeed invoke much sadness.  Felt a bit like a friend had died.  Thankfully though, I have plenty of others...

Title: Re: End of an era
Post by Richard Bleksley on Today at 20:34
Ah yes, Radio London (Big L on 266!).  Every day I'd come home from school, go straight to my parents' ancient wooden box radio and switch on.  God, the nostalgia....

Title: Re: End of an era
Post by Theo Clarke on 07.09.04 at 07:14

on 09/06/04 at 18:55:56, Gerry Smith wrote :
Felt a bit like a friend had died.

Think of it more as a friend growing up and leaving home, Gerry.


Title: Re: End of an era
Post by JtJ on 13.09.04 at 11:24
I've also been impressed with Steve's "Follow-up" messages since the list proper closed.  No one can say they haven't been told about the new forum now.

As ever, the customer care here is superb!
Thanks everso....

Title: Re: End of an era
Post by Phil C on 13.09.04 at 21:54
Indeed. We early adopters should be grateful that people are being looked after thus, I suppose.
I wonder if there are MVs somewhere out in the Antartic who've just gotten something along the following lines:

alert stop mv email service no longer extant stop make transition to yabb asap stop you have been warned stop

All right, yeah, I did feel I needed an excuse to test that one out. Tech junkie me...


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