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(Message started by: Mike Walters on Today at 11:42)

Title: Newsletter appreciation...
Post by Mike Walters on Today at 11:42
Just a quick belated note to thank Pete for his efforts in putting the newsletters together - much appreciated at this end.  Think the format works very well - positively Reithian in their mix of education and entertainment, and I like the passing recommendations and observations.  I'm surprised that the prospect of the live CD hasn't aroused a greater flurry of excitement - from my recollection, some of those performances (eg, Joker) were well worth capturing.  Can't wait.  

And my business partner, who is a guitar collecting obsessive (not precisely the word he uses, I admit), thoroughly recommends the Atkin.  



Title: Re: Newsletter appreciation...
Post by Pete Atkin on 25.03.05 at 16:26
Thanks, Mike.   I know that the vast majority of recipients won't be responding, but that makes any feedback all the more valuable.   I'm just trying to include the kind of stuff I'd have posted to the old MV list -- except that of course there's less opportunity to react to discussions, etc., mainly because, for some reason that continues to elude me, the new forum just doesn't generate them.  But anyway, all suggestions welcome.

And, yes, Alister Atkin deserves to be highly regarded.   (And the fact is, if you're prepared to wait rather than being able to take someting home from the shop there and then, he -- like any other dindependent maker -- represents much better value all around than pretty much any top brand from a dealer.)   My Atkin OM is making itself at home very nicely indeed, especially now I've strung it with a set of Elixirs.

All the best


Title: Re: Newsletter appreciation...
Post by bobtaylor on 31.08.05 at 22:19
I want to record my appreciation for the newsletters, they really do feel more personal somehow than the forum posts. I think that it comes down to the fact that the idea of actually being the recipient of the message rather than the browser of the forum is somehow more special.
Not sure if this is the place to mention the CLIVE & PETE LIVE IN OZ DOUBLE CD or not, but as it was mentioned in the newsletter, I can't see any harm. I'm really looking forward to the release, as I was unable to leave Spain to catch any of the gigs anywhere during the tour, it will be good to have the double cd.
I've been asleep since the first announcement of the impending release, but am I right in thinking that it was requested we should put our names down for a copy? I'm prettty sure that I did at the time, unless the whole thing was a figment of my imagination.
So, memory not being what it was, if I didn't, then Iwish it to be known that I would like a copy, and if I did, then sorry to be a nuisance.

Title: Re: Newsletter appreciation...
Post by Ian Chippett on 01.09.05 at 06:53
How many newsletters have there been? I don't seem to be getting them. AOL again, I suppose.  8-(

Ian C

Title: Re: Newsletter appreciation...
Post by S J Birkill on 01.09.05 at 09:50
I've now added yesterday's Pete Atkin Newsletter (No.5) to the on-line archive (http://www.peteatkin.com/mv/newsletter.php).

Title: Re: Newsletter appreciation...
Post by avner greenberg on 06.09.05 at 21:10
Many thanks to Pete for keeping us posted and to Steve for managing the archive.

Would be nice to be forewarned about the broadcast date of the Peter Nichols play. It will be accessible on the BBC site for one week after the broadcast.

Best wishes.


Title: Re: Newsletter appreciation...
Post by Jan on 10.09.05 at 22:37
I'm afraid the Peter Nichols play, Jam Yesterday, was broadcast on Aug 28th on the BBC World Service. It was available over the Internet for a week or so but I can't find it any more (although that's not to say it isn't there somewhere.)
Do World Service programmes ever get broadcast on Radio 3 or 4 at a later date?

Title: Re: Newsletter appreciation...
Post by Pete Atkin on 10.09.05 at 23:25
There's nothing automatic about domestic repeats for World service drama productions.  I would seriously hope that a new play by Peter Nichols would be of sufficient interest for either 3 or 4 to re-broadcast it - not least because it would cost them a lot less than if they had commissioned it themselves - especially in the light of the new Controller of 4's grand comments about wanting new work by leading playwrights on his network.  However, I have to say that Radio 3 have already turned down the chance to broadcast it on the grounds that Peter wrote and presented a feature earlier this year (also produced by yours truly) about the actual Nazi swing band on which the play is based, as if that somehow pre-empted it (which it didn't).  In short, they make their own decisions, and we can only wait and see.

All the best


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