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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 04:39)

Title: Server upgrade
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 04:39
Apologies for the outage late on Thursday evening. Dreamhost upgraded the peteatkin.com server software, an upgrade bundle which included the Perl program running Midnight Voices. For security reasons, a key section of the server's directory structure has now been excluded from the internal file search path, with the result, last night, that MV was no longer able to locate its necessary files, returning a 'server error' message. We installed a workaround as soon as we discovered the problem, but inevitably there was a period, between about midnight and 03:45 UK time (Friday morning), during which MV was inaccessible.

There may yet be other issues -- we haven't tested everything. Please post in the Tech board (https://www.peteatkin.com/cgi-bin/mv/YaBB.cgi?board=tech) if you discover anything that's not working as you think it should.


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