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(Message started by: Phil Smith on Today at 23:58)

Title: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by Phil Smith on Today at 23:58
Not sure I'm posting this in the right area, but I thought the "proposed Eyemouth gig" tag was a bit redundant. I'm having a little difficulty in restraining myself, but hey ho, and now hear this [my latest Facebook post of a few minutes ago].
"At the risk of being wickedly teasing, I am now 99% confident of a Pete gig in The Borders on 29th June 2019. Once the remaining 1% is gained, I will post further..."
I am thrilled and chuffed beyond belief.
Please let this event happen.......

Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by Phil Smith on 07.03.19 at 23:13
Right then, here we go, following confirmation.
Pete Atkin will perform at Eyemouth Hippodrome, Harbour Road, Eyemouth, TD14 5HT, on Saturday, 29th June, 2019.
Email: space@eyemouthhipperdrome.org
The venue is also on Facebook, with a similar title.
Telephone: 01890 750099 or 0759 569185
Don’t expect any details to appear immediately, the gig has only just been arranged.
Tickets will be priced at £13 [£11 for an “early bird”, which entails booking well in advance].
Gigs are timed for 20.00-22.00 [inclusive of interval, and with some leeway on the latter time].
Public transport is available to and from Berwick town centre, conducive to seeing the entirety of the gig, freeing people from any concerns about having a drink or two. There are various eating options, both in Berwick and Eyemouth. The venue itself has a “pop-up” type bar, offering quality bottled beers and ciders, plus wine, coffee/tea, and various soft drinks.
I consider it a major achievement to have arranged this gig. The success of such will obviously depend somewhat on a good attendance. I can only hope that members of the MV forum will respond accordingly..
Finally, Berwick itself has a full range of B&B options, and details are available via the local Tourist Information, Berwick TIC and Library, Walkergate, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 1DB.Tel: 01670 622155. There are doubtless options within Eyemouth itself.
I can thoroughly recommend Berwick as an ideal location for a short w/e type break

Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by S J Birkill on 08.03.19 at 02:49
Well, I thought Phil Smith's "eyemouthhipperdrome.org" address was some kind of clever gag on the part of the venue (along the lines of 'our Hipperdrome is hipper then their Hippodrome'), but no, it's just a typo. Ah well.

The venue's Events Calendar page is at https://eyemouthhippodrome.org/event-calender/ (https://eyemouthhippodrome.org/event-calender/) [sic] -- we'll watch out for Pete's entry appearing. Their contact e-mail is <space@eyemouthhippodrome.org>, and there's a Facebook presence here (https://www.facebook.com/eyemouthhippodrome.co.uk/).

For more about the place go here (https://eyemouthhippodrome.org/about/). Don't be put off by the Hippodrome name -- this isn't some vast Graeco-Roman arena, nor a dusty Matcham-style Edwardian theatre turned into a cinema. It's a modern community arts space and intimate live performance venue housed in a refurbished warehouse-style building, formerly a Fishermen's Mission, right on the town's quayside. Looks good:


Well done Phil, your persistence paid off -- congrats on organising this rare gig for the Borders. Now we just need to pack 'em in!


Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by Rob Spence on 08.03.19 at 11:59
This is great news, and I hope northern-based MVs will flock to this gig. Looks like a very appropriate venue, and a beautiful location to boot.

Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by Phil Smith on 08.03.19 at 14:13
Yes, Stephen, my laptop seems to be doing some very strange things in respect of spelling, and it's not just a matter of clumsiness on my part.
For your information, I did go the extra mile and contact The Maltings in Berwick [the local arts centre]. Their reply was to the effect that they consider the material "too niche" for their programming. The cost of hiring privately would have been prohibitive.
And so, we can look forward to an evening of quality "niche" on 29th June.
I am, in any case, convinced that my choice of venue is the right one. I am sufficiently enthusiastic that I go to gigs there often without ever even having heard the artist, and it's rare that I come away disappointed..
My main concern relates to attendance. I will be doing my level best to whip up local interest, presence but I'm sure I need not reiterate that a healthy MV presence would be invaluable.

Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by Phil Smith on 11.03.19 at 22:51
My laptop continues to do some strange things, but here's my latest Facebook post.
Another word about the June Eyemouth gig. For anyone intending to come, it will be helpful in all respects to book "early bird" tickets [yes, I know the gig is not on the Hippodrome site as yet, and it will take some time-we're only in March]. This affords a couple of quid discount, and lets one know the likely extent of attendance from, as Pete puts it, the "panting hordes".
Best wishes
N.B. As much as it grates [for I retired from suchlike eight years ago], I might be tempted to wear a name badge on the night. I wasn't at Monyash, but I did attend both Hebden Bridge events, and it would have been nice to say hello to people at the recent Kitchen Garden gig. But there we are................

Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by Rob Spence on 14.03.19 at 20:40
I notice that there is a page on the Hippodrome website now, which I will share in the Facebook group. Very much looking forward to it.

Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by S J Birkill on 14.03.19 at 21:11

Thanks Rob -- I'll update the Gig Guide link.


Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by Phil Smith on 14.03.19 at 22:48
"O come, all ye faithful"!!

Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by Chris H on 26.04.19 at 13:22
Thanks for organising this Phil. Sorry I can't make it as I am already away that weekend, otherwise I would have come, especially as it is a Saturday and would have been a good excuse to visit the area.
Hope it is a huge success .

Good luck,
Chris H

Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by Phil Smith on 03.05.19 at 13:46
Just to keep people informed, the Hippodrome proprietors have told me a few advance tickets have already been sold for the 29th June gig. In their experience, this is quite unusual for an event still two months away....

Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by S J Birkill on 28.06.19 at 08:12
https://www.peteatkin.com/images/hippo for MV.jpg

Just a wee reminder: this rare Scottish Borders appearance takes place tomorrow night, Saturday June 29th. Support if you can member Phil Smith's initiative and mosey along to the Hippodrome in Eyemouth (just across the border from Berwick-upon-Tweed) for an 8 o'clock start, to give Pete a hearty Scots welcome and hear him play two sets of the brilliantly understated songs that made Atkin and James household obscurities! Tickets are still available for a mere £13.50 from the venue at this link (https://eyemouthhippodrome.org/events/pete-atkin/), or telephone 01890 750099.


Title: Re: Eyemouth gig resumed
Post by Phil Smith on 28.06.19 at 11:00
Thanks for that, Steve. Have just collected the keyboard for Pete's use tomorrow night. Bear in mind that I have no role in respect of administration regarding the Hippodrome, but the proprietors tell me they are very pleased with the number of advance tickets sold, which is not to imply that any late rush will not be accommodated. Plenty of room for all!
I have been working my little cotton socks off to attract people into attending, not necessarily with total success. A long story......
Anyway, bring it on with abandon!!

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