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(Message started by: SeŠn Kelly on Today at 17:51)

Title: Photographic Portrait of Clive by Terence Donovan
Post by SeŠn Kelly on Today at 17:51
There is a great photo portrait of Clive from some years ago by Terence Donovan featured in the TD exhibition ("Terence Donovan, Speed of Light") currently on at the Photographer's Gallery in London (16-18 Ramillies Street, just off Oxford Street).  The picture is at the bottom of a wall of 25 framed black and white head shots (all men!) but is really worth a little crouching for.  I guess this was taken when Terence Donovan directed a programme for Clive?  Anyway a great picture of him (I think!).  Sorry I can't find a version of the picture on the web but if you get a chance do go, I found it to be a really enjoyable and fairly concise exhibition - and it's free in the morning or £3 in the afternoon - good value!  It is on there until the 25th September.

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