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(Message started by: Ian Chippett on Today at 13:21)

Title: Bad news
Post by Ian Chippett on Today at 13:21

I got this from another Forum and it's not very cheering news alas. Is there anything we as a forum of fans could do? I must admit I can't think of anything but maybe you others have some idea?

Ian C

Title: Re: Bad news
Post by Ian Ashleigh on Today at 13:47
A similar article is on BBC website today too.  What was weird was that as I was logging on I had Laughing Boy in my head and thought how inapropriate given the news.  Then I thought that Clive would probably disagree.

Title: Re: Bad news
Post by Space Cowboy on Today at 20:00

also here , very sad.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Clive and Pete after a concert at Yok University circa 1974

Title: Re: Bad news
Post by Ian Ashleigh on Today at 20:58

Here is the BBC story. Sorry I rushed my earlier post being at work.

Very sad news and the best we can do is use these boards to express our support and our thoughts for Clive and his family.

I was thinking about the lyric to Laughing Boy this morning when I logged into the BBC website to be greeted by this sad news but I think that Clive would be amused at the juxtaposition of that song with his situation.

Title: Re: Bad news
Post by Mike Walters on 22.06.12 at 11:10
Very sad news indeed, though the comment from Clive's 'spokeswoman' is a little more positive and I guess none of this is a great surprise given the tenor of his writing and poems over the last year or so.  

Those who are on Twitter will have seen the remarkable outpouring of admiration and affection for Clive and his work yesterday.  I was particularly struck by the range of critics and columnists who cited him a major influence, and also by the admiration expressed for his serious criticism, his poetry and, yes, his lyrics.  Those who referenced his work with Pete included the crime writer Val McDiarmid, the Guardian's Richard Williams, and radio guru Trevor Dann (who I recall was one of those involved in the selection of tracks for the Master of the Revels compilation).  The latter two, incidentally, went to the same school as I did, so Clive and Pete clearly made a big impact in 1970s Nottingham!  

All very best wishes to Clive and his family.  

Title: Re: Bad news
Post by Mike Walters on 22.06.12 at 14:11
Much more positive piece from today's Independent... http://tinyurl.com/bsbuynm

Title: Antidote to Bad news
Post by Pete Atkin on 22.06.12 at 19:39
Everyone is urged (by me, that is) to read the piece Clive has just posted on the home page of his website (www.clivejames.com, as if you needed me to tell you).

Title: Re: Bad news
Post by hannibalmcnee on 23.06.12 at 01:42
"On Thursday morning the Daily Mirror carried just such an interview with me. It was harrowing. You would have thought that I had only a few hours to live. The strange thing, though, was that I never gave the interview. The Mirror made it up."

Speaking as a newspaper reporter myself... none of this is in the least bit surprising.

Still, I found Clive's article surprisingly comforting and look forward to catching up with "Meeting Myself Coming Back" on the iPlayer.

Title: Re: Bad news
Post by Ian Chippett on 25.06.12 at 09:19

Couldn't agree more but it sounds too much like an obituary.

Ian C

Title: Re: Bad news
Post by Ian Chippett on 25.06.12 at 14:59

This must have been posted before but for some reason I missed it.

Ian C

Title: Re: Bad news
Post by Pete Atkin on 25.06.12 at 18:30
Good piece from Charlie Brooker in today's Guardian -- http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jun/24/thank-god-for-clive-james

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