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(Message started by: Pete Atkin on Today at 10:36)

Title: Hillside Shop - New Stock! New Prices!
Post by Pete Atkin on Today at 10:36
That nice Mr Birkill has already given a most generous plug to the latest Shrinks CD in the Shrinks' section of the Forum, so this is merely a coyly modest reinforcement.  

Some people had commented that the Shrinks sound different live from the way they do on record, probably because the recordings used to start from Dave Brown's guitar and vocal tracks, with the rest of us added on individually in Dave Lewis's tiny studio, this usually being the first time we'd heard and played the new songs, the final arrangement emerging from the mix of the results.  We'd then start playing the songs live, by which time they started to sound organically different. Dave (B) decided that this time we'd try learning and rehearsing and arranging the new songs all together before recording them all together, as live. So that's what we've done. What you will hear on the new disc is exactly what went down in Dave's living room on the first weekend in February - no after-the-event manipulations (apart from basic mixing) and no overdubs.  Unsurprisingly, the whole feel is different, I think - better, tighter, more fun, more like what you'll hear if you come to see us live.  

I know the Shrinks are of understandably peripheral interest to most MVs, but I hope the hitherto unShrunk might give this one a go.   It is an absolute requirement for completists, of course, owing to the presence on it of an Atkin co-composition: 'Talking' (Atkin tune and a few Atkin words).

To make acquisition that much easier, the Hillside Shop has this new CD - 'That's How It Looks' - available NOW for only a fiver (plus P&P).

And we've taken this opportunity to overhaul radically the entire retail strategy of the entire Hillside Shop by reducing prices on the entire catalogue.   For some time now I've been selling all CDs at gigs for a fiver, doubles included, and that astounding offer is now extended to sales from the shop.   Yes, folks, anything and everything for just a fiver!  I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it's not.  It sounds too good to last, but it will - maybe even until stocks run out.   Hurry, hurry!  The Hillside Fulfilment & Despatch Dept is alert and waiting for your e-mails!   That's enough exclamation marks!  Damn.

Title: Re: Hillside Shop - New Stock! New Prices!
Post by Revelator on 04.05.12 at 06:55
I took advantage of the new prices to order Midnight Voices, the last Atkin/James disc I'd yet to hear. I hope to move onto The Shrinks afterward, but remain sad that there are no more Atkin albums to discover. Which leads me to a question regarding the shop...

I'm a relatively new fan and forum member, so I apologize if my question is a much-answered one. I noticed a page on the site for something called "The Midnight Voices CD Library." I haven't heard any of the albums listed there and would very much like to, but I see that the facility has been withdrawn for over 10 years.  So my question is: Would it be possible to sell the albums from the Library through the Hillside Shop?
I suppose several might have legal issues attached, but if others do not I would be first in line to buy them, and for more than five pounds. I imagine there's a cost issue in creating copies for sale, but I think dedicated fans would not ask for fancy covers or anything like that. (I would be quite happy with a CD-R written with a sharpie label.) My apologies again if I'm posing an issue that had already been discussed in depth, and thanks for hearing me out (or should I say reading me out?).  

Title: Re: Hillside Shop - New Stock! New Prices!
Post by Pete Atkin on 04.05.12 at 16:26
Hi Revelator - Welcome to the gang.   And many a thank for having ticked everything off the list.   As far as those 'Library' recordings are concerned:  there are indeed some serious difficulties associated with making some of them available officially, or even 'officially'.  

Some of them involve other people who I know would not be willing to authorise their distribution.   Others involve people who would have a contractual right to payment, the administration of which would frankly be a nightmare for yours truly.   Some of them were/are recordings of gigs - authorised and unauthorised - the quality of which I'd be unwilling to give my official stamp, even though I know there are those who would be/are interested in hearing them.   That does still leave some, and making those available in some form on a burn-to-order basis is indeed a possibility.

All them are the kind of thing which I know fans regularly circulate among themselves and make copies of.   That is what happened with the Library.   It may well be for all I know that all of them still circulate in samizdat fashion and are still being copied.   That's fine with me, but it's not possible for me to endorse the practice and make it a part of the official Hillside Music operation.   I might get away with it, of course, but on the other hand -- and there are those out there in MVWorld who know all too well what can happen when news of the opening of cans of worms gets around -- it's not a risk I'm prepared to take, I'm afraid.

It may well be that you'll receive personal messages from other MVs offering to share their copies with you, and that's probably the best I can offer you, short of making some of the unproblematic recordings available.

I'm sorry to be so blue-meanie-ish about it, but I hope there'll be some kind of positive outcome for you somewhere.  I'd hate to squash such valuable and valued enthusiasm.

Title: Re: Hillside Shop - New Stock! New Prices!
Post by Revelator on 04.05.12 at 17:55
No problem Pete, and thank you for your kind reply. Legal/Rights issues can be a formidable nightmare, and I understand completely why they're an issue here. If old recordings are out of reach, new ones will always be able rely on my support. Thanks again!

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