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(Message started by: Fat_Ed on Today at 00:45)

Title: A King at Nightfall is Album of the Week
Post by Fat_Ed on Today at 00:45
Iain Anderson, no not that one, the one who hosts a radio programme from 10.30 to 12.30 four nights a week, Monday to Thursday on BBC radio Scotland, has named "A King at Nightfall" as "Archive Album of the Week".

Tonight (Monday) he played "Between Us" and there'll be another three tracks this week.

Radio Scotland appears to have quite a loyal following from around the world from listeners on the internet and is also available on Sky or FreeSat.

He responds quite freely to listeners requests and suggestions so a few nudges in the direction of other PA recordings would not go amiss, perhaps you might like to ask for for favourite tracks from "A King at Nightfall".



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