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(Message started by: dragonfall on Today at 00:06)

Title: Clive James on Mastermind
Post by dragonfall on Today at 00:06
Not literally of course, but I chose the Unreliable Memoirs series as my specialist subject in the semi-final due to be shown on Friday 8th April at 8.00pm on BBC2. All I can remember now, many months after the recording, is that I somehow managed to get the Kogarah question wrong! Believe me, that chair is every bit as discombobulating as it looks. But why not tune in on the night and see how you would have done? Film fans might like to know that if I get through to the final, I shall be answering questions on the Film Music of John Barry, another genius if ever there was one.

Title: Re: Clive James on Mastermind
Post by Pete Atkin on 11.04.11 at 17:22
Hi, Robin.  So it was you!  My admiration is profound and sincere.  Never mind Kogarah, my own name has rarely if ever been more clearly enunciated and gave rise to two e-mails, two phone messgaes, and a text.   I'm sorry you didn't make it through, but part of me is pleased for you that you don't have to go through it all again, especially since your exit was entirely honourable, even if the bloke who won was clearly lacking in your own wit, taste, charm, and telegenic appeal.

Title: Re: Clive James on Mastermind
Post by S J Birkill on 11.04.11 at 20:49
Must say I was impressed by your unflappability. If I'd said Sydney when the question asked for "town", I'd have been worrying over whether the question was badly phrased, whether I was wrong to have expected "suburb" in reference to Kogarah (it felt like a suburb to me when I visited), whether I should have realised they'd have said "city" if they meant Sydney, and so on, and on. The futile real-time online postmortem analysis would probably have cost me the next two questions, but you seemed just to put it behind you and move on. Stands comparison with the tendency, which I'm sure Pete will acknowledge, to think about some small error in performance at the time -- the worst possible time -- to the extent that you fluff the words of the following line. Oh to be so single-minded and focused!


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