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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 22:34)

Title: Pete Atkin - Too Cool to be Square...
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 22:34
...or indeed trendy. Was Driving Through Mythical America one of 1972's classiest rock albums? Here (http://www.peteatkin.com/download/shindigarticle.pdf)'s a great article from the current Shindig, by Jon Mills.


[Please be patient -- this is a PDF file which most will be able to view inside their Web browser, but it's almost a megabyte so it won't display immediately. I'll create an HTML version in due course for faster loading.]

Title: Re: Pete Atkin - Too Cool to be Square...
Post by Rob Spence on 03.11.09 at 08:14
Great pictures... Not sure about the "bearded crate diggers" reference though. Of course, we thrusting dynamic spearheads of coolness knew it was cool all those years ago.

Title: Re: Pete Atkin - Too Cool to be Square...
Post by Pete Atkin on 03.11.09 at 09:50
'Shindig' is, as you either know or can easily infer, a relatively small-scale magazine, one whose continued life requires continued support, so please do your best to track down an actual copy if you can, or, even better, take out a subscription.  It's clearly run by a man of great discrimination and taste.

Title: Re: Pete Atkin - Too Cool to be Square...
Post by Ian Chippett on 04.11.09 at 09:34
There seem to be three types of Rock music critic: the sort that tells you about his drug experiences, the one who says you're a folk singer because you can't afford to buy an electric guitar and the one who mentions you in the same breath as those musicians you'd never dream of being (or would dread to be) compared to. This one seems to fall into the latter category though he also falls into the sub-category of the second type, the one who mentions Baroque when he hears a violin though admittedly in this case  he can't spell the word properly. Love? Tim Buckley? Nick Drake? The only thing they have in common is they have a singer or are a singer and they play guitars. And "mannered" is just the kind of singer Pete isn't: in fact, he's about the only one I can think of who isn't "mannered."
Still, it's great to hear some superlatives from a non-Voice source for a change and Pete's remarks were illuminating as ever.

Ian C

Title: Re: Pete Atkin - Too Cool to be Square...
Post by Val_Jennings on 04.11.09 at 09:50

Can I just back up Pete's suggestion that you seek out your own copies of Shindig magazine. You can get a small idea of how interesting it is from its website:
http://www.shindig-magazine.com/ . For me though, the point is that it covers all sorts of acts that will never get a look in at any other music magazine. Do give it your support!


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