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(Message started by: Leslie Moss on Today at 14:53)

Title: Freudian Slip?
Post by Leslie Moss on Today at 14:53
"Clive is on The One Show tonight."

I initially read this as The Now Show!

Am I the only person who thinks that Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis are the wittiest radio comics by far?


Title: Re: Freudian Slip?
Post by Murray McGlew on 17.10.09 at 06:35
I'm doing a lot of boring jobs at the moment so I borrowed an obsolete MP3 device from one of my children and download radio podcasts onto it. One that I get every week is a Radio Four Friday news comedy show that seems to change occasionally, and I'm sure The Now Show was one of its incarnations. I think you're right about them being brilliant.

Does anyone know if these shows are as unscripted as they sound? (In which case the people are super-brilliant, whereas if it is all prearranged they are only brilliant.)

In any case I'll look forward to the Clive James episode if it arrives via that particular route.

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