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(Message started by: Jaikman on Today at 19:02)

Title: Just performed a tribute to CJ&PA
Post by Jaikman on Today at 19:02
Greetings to all.

I am a recent member and have joined specifically to share that I have recently fulfilled a (very) long felt want, having, finally screwed up the courage to perform a CJ & PA number live at our local folk club!

I first encountered the jolly troubadours on the 'Live Libel' tour of whenever it was, having already worn out the vinyl. It was around the time I picked up my first guitar. Anyhoo, a lifetime later, with more time on my hands than even a student, but not a lot better on the guitar, I determined to, at least once, perform one of their canon in front of a live audience.

Errant Knight being well beyond my now arthritic fingers and having never been within them anyway, I plumped for another simpler favourite and set myself to learning all five chords of Stranger in Town, which is two chords more than most of my repertoire and no fingerpicking necessary.

After months of practice.....I was ready.

Emboldened by having seen Clive, clearly uncomfortable with the job but screwing up his courage and belting out a rock 'n roll number some 40 plus years ago (he was even wearing black leather trousers, if my eyesight and memory are correct?) I figured this wasn't going to kill me and I was unlikely to get a good kicking from the club members, as most of them are even older than I am.

I introduced the song as being by one of our finest lyricists (and possibly our greatest living poet) and composed and arranged by his great friend and superb musician....

I didn't forget any of the words or chords and got to belt out one of my favourite lyrics ....'From Kansas to Wyoming from Contention to Cheyenne.....' so sibilantly euphonious it slipped out a treat.

It was greeted by what might be described as slightly stunned polite applause. I'd always seen it as a dry, ironic, comedy song but the general consensus was that it's incredibly sad. I guess it is now, listening to it from the other end of the ear trumpet.

Thank you Clive and Pete for all the brilliant words and music. I've set myself the goal of a 'work around' version of Errant Knight before the year is out.

Wish me luck.

And thanks again.


Title: Re: Just performed a tribute to CJ&PA
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 23:55
Events familiar to most of us who've attempted to play Pete's songs, either to ourselves or to a confused audience, I'm sure. Now, wouldn't we all just love to see a video of you performing this? Come on John, we know you're dying to do it!

Of course, for 'Errant Knight' you'll need the costume, and props... https://www.peteatkin.com/images/errantknight.jpg - View this on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx-d3sO-pyI) - Steve

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