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(Message started by: Leslie Moss on Today at 13:50)

Title: Is Pete like Marmite?
Post by Leslie Moss on Today at 13:50
If my experience is anything to go by, Pete's music seems to attract extreme reactions. My kids shudder when I put on one of his CDs - I know they're trying to wind me up but they don't react that badly when I play some other stuff from my misbegotten youth. Whereas  other members of my family are big fans. Hardly anyone seems to be "that's nice, dear" about the music.

A few years ago we were burgled. Our entire collection of CDs was removed, with the exception of - you've guessed - my PA/CJ discs. I was very grateful for this as they included a number of self-recorded albums no longer available in what was the MV Library and thus irreplaceable. But I couldn't help wondering at the mindset of the burglar who actually paused to bypass those discs when he/she could have just swept the entire collection off the shelves into his/her swag-bag. I am thinking of placing my PA/CJ albums on prominent display by the back door to discourage any future thieves!

Any thoughts?


Title: Re: Is Pete like Marmite?
Post by Paul Leighton on Today at 15:04
Leslie, I think I understand your analogy, but it is possible to categorise Marmite as " a strong-tasting savoury spread based on yeast (waste-products, actually). I happen to be a big fan.

Conversely, although I would agree that Pete seems to evoke quite strong reactions, for and against, I had always supposed that was based more on the inability of those listeners who like to put "labels" on music to categorise what Pete and Clive have been doing over the years!

It does not comfortably it into any of those arbitrary "genre" labels you find in multi-branch "record" shops.  It has been variously categorised as "folk"( well, some maybe but not really) , rock   (the single version of "I see the Joker" possibly),   pop  (Master of the Revels?  probably not!).... but there is no English category called "chanson"!

So is it Marmite...Vegemite (too oily and greasy for my taste) or just a remarkable combination of intelligent lyrics attached to brilliant compositions and usually very skilfully arranged?!   Or,  another thought,  do those who find it "too savoury" perhaps not actually want to listen to lyrics at all,  but only to an overall musical sound which requires little thought or concentration?   And, even then, I do not understand why there are those who love the material, as we do, and those who, bluntly, do not!

I have a faint recollection that this exchange touches on a a much earlier discussion on the old "Voices" foum, but I cannot find it at the moment.   I think we just have to keep proselytising!   I certainly do, but my children regard me as a rather sad obsessive oddity!!

Title: Re: Is Pete like Marmite?
Post by Leslie Moss on Today at 15:20
Agree with you Paul - and I'm a big Marmite fan too!


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