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(Message started by: Gerry Smith on Today at 22:21)

Title: Peter Atkin Rocks
Post by Gerry Smith on Today at 22:21
Well, now, here's a thing. Just mis-typed the URL for this site as www.peteratkin.com and got a bloke selling hand made rocking chairs! Well, Val Doonican did cover The Flowers And The Wine didn't he? And for those of us of advancing years...

Having a Horlicks in Mayfield

Title: Re: Peter Atkin Rocks
Post by andyw on 14.11.09 at 18:32
Unless I was hallucinating for the age-related reasons mentioned by Gerry, I think I saw that Val Doonican was being interviewed on ITV one afternoon earlier this week.  I presume that he did not mention his major claim to fame, The Flowers And The Wine?

I notice that Peter Atkin is Sheffield-based, so surely the Birkills must be fans of his chairs?

Title: Re: Peter Atkin Rocks
Post by Simon Reap on 16.11.09 at 11:09
.. and www.peteatkins.com is a "vehicle mover" from Dudley. It doesn't say whether he drives Austin Princesses.

www.peteratkins.com is a not very interesting take on a very old idea - the personal home page which just talks about the owner of the page, includes (password-protected) pictures of his wedding and unborn child, and mostly says "coming soon", assuming that he hasn't already lost the youthful vigour which caused him to set up the page in the first place! Since the pages are dated 2003, I am not holding my breath for anything coming "soon" other than in geological terms.

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