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(Message started by: Leonardo_Rainbow on Today at 01:24)

Title: Oldie Newbie!!!
Post by Leonardo_Rainbow on Today at 01:24
Greetings and Multifalarious Salutations Midnight Voicers

It's been a long time since I been here how is everyone? Anyhoo it's bit futile to say a lot's happened but it has!  Mainly I have just had my first book published and wonder of wonder of wonders it's Book of the Week on www.publishamerica.com details can be found on my website Welcome To My World http://rainbow689.fortunecity.com and advance news and in fact this is the first time I've announced it anywhere hopefully not tempting providence, I have just submitted a new one to my publishers to be entitled Battle-Scarred Heart - A Brit's Witty Look At Lost Love

Anyhoo, in the new book I chronicle my so far complete failure to find my other half of the feminine persuasion and in detail with a few of my spectacular failures in that regard!

In the new book my chronicles in story and verse include my worst, as I call it Heart and Soul Death Break and would you believe it was Pete Atkin well actually on one of the CD's I bought from Pete specifically Grown Up Songs for Grown Up People that saved me!  The post traumatic stress of my HSDB put me into the deepest of deep black holes and in the aftermath I was laying, maudlin and morose by a blazing fire listening to that CD which so totally complemented my despairing mood it was untrue.....until a song by Kath Tait released me from my morass: the one about the adulterous woman!  It so totally almost exactly described the affair I literally leapt up and was bouncing around punching the air going 'YES!YES!YES! I'M FREE!!!!!!

By some serendipitous synchronicity I chanced across MV again the other day and there was a message from Kath from over a year ago!!!! To which and towit I have sent the Gracious lady an email!

So Peeps I'm back though my front may be more attractive, on second thoughts oh never mind!

Glad to see MV is still alive and well!

Leonardo as once was but now it's back to
Rainbow ;) ::)

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