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(Message started by: DrummerJohn on Today at 20:54)

Title: Not your normal Newbie Post..
Post by DrummerJohn on Today at 20:54
Well hello all you Beautiful Strangers, its good to be back in the fold after an incredibly long absence..
I'd like to start, if i may, with an apology to all the Beautiful Changers. Both myself and Ben Coulson had a little tet-a-tet and ended up falling out over something which, now i come to think of it, i can't remember :huh: , but the resulting fall out meant that i lost contact with the MV and also as a result the BC.
This, unfortunately, explains why, in October of 2000, and the SoD2K, I was absent and unavailable to perform with the band. I sincerly apologise for this, and send out my personal apologies to:
Roy, Richard, Leslie, Sylfest and Ian. I also heard and read about Paul, and i regret the chance to play with him once more.

On a lighter note, its with great vigour that i was on the prowl through google, looking for the lyrics to Fred Wedlocks - Oldest Swinger In Town, when i came across the Scrumpy 'n' Western pages and lo and behold i found myself staring at myself.. on a water tank.. in a funny hat.. in a field in Buxton!
"Pray," i thought to myself, "Who's that handsome man i see before me?"
It was then i realised that i was looking at Richard, then promptly turned my attention to my ugly mush :)
I didn't realise that TBC had their own site, and the snippets of my badly played drums from FoD.. that brought back some memories i can tell you.. So i sought out the MV site, realised it had changed, and promptly signed back up ;D

Thank you for your little note in the email Steve :) i was supprised you remembered me!

John Denton - Drummer extrodinare TBC.

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