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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 06:57)

Title: Archive Progress
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 06:57

https://www.peteatkin.com/images/videosectionscreenshot.jpg (https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerTITL.htm)

The Clive James website archive continues to grow. I've now completed six of the collections in the Video section:

https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerPA.htm (https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerPA.htm) contains a selection from Pete, as featured on our Home Page;
https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerLP.htm (https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerLP.htm) brings together the best of Clive's late-period video interviews;
https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerTITL.htm (https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerTITL.htm) encapsulates the Talking in the Library series, with excuses for video quality;
https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerPC.htm (https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerPC.htm) contains the 'Postcard from...' series of travel programmes;
https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerNP.htm (https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerNP.htm) collects Clive's other, non-'Postcard' travelogues; and
https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerFAME.htm (https://archive.clivejames.com/video/vplayerFAME.htm) is our best shot yet at re-assembling the mighty 'Fame in the 20th Century' series.

There's more video to come, including Clive's own 'video finds' and celebrity interviews from his mainstream TV years, with just a glimpse (I promise) of Margarita Pracatan!

If anyone has relevant audio or video material that they don't see in the Archive, please let me know so we can include it! The Archive's entry page is HERE (https://archive.clivejames.com) -- please note that for the time being we operate independently of the 'official' clivejames.com.


Title: Re: Archive Progress... Completion!
Post by S J Birkill on 03.08.21 at 02:47
Well, almost -- just a few bits and pieces to sort out, but...

Last night I completed a two-year 'labour of love', the task I set myself back in 2019 to rebuild Clive James's original website which was lost in 2018 with all files, and further, to add the volumes of Clive's works that he'd intended to include there, but ran out of time to complete.

The rebuilt and expanded site is styled "The Clive James Website Archive", and can be found on a subdomain of the new official 'clivejames.com', at the address:

https://archive.clivejames.com (https://archive.clivejames.com)  (note there's no 'www' !)

Not that we aren't official: Clive and his daughter Claerwen gave us their blessing in October 2019, shortly before his death, to build this edifice (alongside Dawn Mancer's new, sleek version) to fulfill Clive's vision of a rich multimedia site to make his published work available without restriction on the Web. As websites go, it's pretty densely packed: we have some 2,300 Web pages in local files, encompassing about 9,600 book pages, plus another 430 or so remote Web pages directly linked from the Archive. Image files number about 3000, audio files 432 including 178 remote, video files 235, all remote. So it'll keep you busy for an hour or two...

Dive in at the Home page: https://archive.clivejames.com (https://archive.clivejames.com)
Read about the site's development: https://archive.clivejames.com/files/about.htm (https://archive.clivejames.com/files/about.htm[/url)
We have Help and a FAQ: https://archive.clivejames.com/files/help.htm (https://archive.clivejames.com/files/help.htm)

-- or just pick a category from the header bar and and surf the menus in the left column. Clive's writings are broader than most people realise: hit the 'Random' button at top right to be surprised by his wit and erudition.

Tell MV what you think, with a reply here.

-- Steve

Title: Re: Archive Progress
Post by Jan on 04.08.21 at 16:27
Thanks Steve!
That should keep us busy for a bit.

Title: Re: Archive Progress
Post by Andrew Long on 11.08.21 at 15:37

Title: Re: Archive Progress
Post by Avner Greenberg on 10.09.21 at 20:06
Congratulations Steve on completing this mammoth project.
And thank you once again for making these gems available to us all.
I've been thinking about retiring soon, and this gives me the extra push :)

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