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(Message started by: Seán Kelly on Today at 18:25)

Title: On the walls of Troy...
Post by Seán Kelly on Today at 18:25
Looking at my copy of the final edition of Christopher Logue's War Music (his "account" in modern poetry of parts of Homer's Iliad) I finally noticed that it features a helicopter on the front cover and wondered if the designer knew The Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley....

There is in fact a brief reference to a helicopter in the book but it is "whumphing on the dunes", not landing on the walls of Troy.  Close enough though!

See the cover at  : https://www.poetrybooks.co.uk/products/war-music-an-account-of-homers-iliad-by-christopher-logue  

The edition is the final one because Logue died in 2011, having worked on War Music for decades.  I first heard him reading some of it in the early 1980's.  I must say that it's great stuff in my opinion  :)

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