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(Message started by: Tiny_Montgomery on Today at 19:08)

Title: Prue Shaw - Dante
Post by Tiny_Montgomery on Today at 19:08
Prue Shaw's Reading Dante: From Here To Eternity will be published by W.W. Norton & Company, on April 29.

Title: Re: Prue Shaw - Dante
Post by S J Birkill on 27.01.14 at 09:34
Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Reading-Dante-From-Here-Eternity/dp/0871407426) (USA) quotes a release date of Feb 10, but claims to have the book in stock for immediate delivery.

Scholars -- does the line appear in the Commedia? I couldn't immediately find the title in the classic translations on line ('from time to the eternal' -- 'a l'etterno dal tempo', Paradiso XXXI being the closest, though in a different context), but I must confess I've only cherry-picked Clive's version. Otherwise it seems surprising Ms Shaw should adopt such a familiar phrase, especially one surely associated by most with Kipling, James Jones, Tim Rice or (in bowdlerised form -- 'doomed' for damned) the Whiffenpoofs! Publisher pressure?


Title: Re: Prue Shaw - Dante
Post by Kevin Cryan on 28.01.14 at 20:29
I imagine that what's really behind this title is Dante's reworking of Virgil's telelogical view of history. I try a crude summary of why I think this to be the case.

Virgil saw Rome's perfected and pefecting empire extending to time's end, in other words from his "here to eternity". In Dante, with the Roman Catholic Church theology and belief replacing the beliefs of the Roman Empire, time's end becomes the divine endless empire, another mainfestation of "eternity".

Kevin Cryan    

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