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(Message started by: Revelator on Today at 20:51)

Title: Clive James: The Kid From Kogorah
Post by Revelator on Today at 20:51
I think most of folks here are aware of the long interview ABC Australia recently conducted with Clive.
It's now online (at http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/program/42156), but unfortunately only viewable to those in Australia.

Luckily, ABC has also provided a complete transcript of the interview, which can be read here:

It's one of the best interviews Clive's given, and required reading for his fans. Kerry O'Brien did an excellent job with the questions (he even incorporates Clive's poetry), and managed to discuss personal matters without being obstrusive. With luck Clive will stick around much longer, but this appearance is certainly be a fine last bow to his homeland.

Title: Re: Clive James: The Kid From Kogorah
Post by S J Birkill on 14.09.13 at 21:50
I think this is the most remarkable interview Clive has ever given, and really needs to be viewed as shot, in the ambience of the library at Pembroke, with all the nuances of Clive's voice and face to illuminate his recollections and reactions to the questions, together with his own readings from his poetic works. When television eventually broadcasts his obituary, it should be followed by this programme in its entirety. Kerry O'Brien is a consummate interviewer, and has really done his homework, finding the most telling of quotations from the poetry. If you can find a way to bypass the geographical restrictions for your own private viewing, you should do so.


Clive: if you're listening, perhaps you could persuade ABC to license this to you for clivejames.com?

Thanks to Revelator for bringing this to our attention.


Title: Re: Clive James: The Kid From Kogorah
Post by Murray McGlew on 30.09.13 at 11:37
I saw it on the ABC and it must have been an edited version because they referred us to their web site for the complete one. It was a good interview, and I especially enjoyed seeing a little bit of Pembroke after reading May Week Was In June many many times. (I don't know why but that is my favorite of all the memoirs books.)

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