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(Message started by: S J Birkill on Today at 17:53)

Title: Clive James' Website
Post by S J Birkill on Today at 17:53
If you haven't looked at CliveJames.com (http://www.clivejames.com) for a while, I suggest you do so now.

Since (notionally at least) separating from the WelcomeStranger business, this has become a truly impressive resource, with Clive's personality stamped all over it. It's a treasurehouse: all (?) his new poems are here, saved from the expiry of newspaper and magazine Web archives -- this material is so good I'm without the vocabulary to express my admiration (not a great endorsement, you'll realise, since I don't say much; but sample it for yourselves!)

Cécile Menon seems to have brought out the best in Clive, and enabled him to put his own stamp on this selection of material. Not only Clive's poetry, but the work of ten guest poets is featured, along with Clive's own prose pieces already published, lectures, articles on TV, and material from Zoë Williams and Dai Davies.

'Gallery' includes painting, sculpture and photography, and the so-called multimedia (audio and video) stuff features the complete 'Talking in the Library' TV interviews, currently running on the Artsworld TV channel, plus audio dialogues, lectures and a substantial chunk from the Pete and Clive 'Live in Australia' double CD.

[Concerning Artsworld: beware their 'HD' channel: much of the content, including Clive's stuff, is standard definition, up-sampled for the HDTV distribution and quite fuzzy as a result -- you'll not read those book spines any more clearly. But Peter Ackroyd's London Visions series is visually spectacular in 1080i.]

Clive -- I think a new addendum to 'Homepage History' is overdue -- at some point since mid-2006 you've really made this corner of the Library of Babel your very own.


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