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(Message started by: Kevin Cryan on Today at 16:27)

Title: Clive in the TLS
Post by Kevin Cryan on Today at 16:27
In the current issue of the Times Literary Supplement (Dec 16th 2005 - No 5359),Clive writes interestingly, and in considerable depth, about how his literary education began.
Those who have read Clive's other work - especially the Unreliable Memoirs trilogy- will know full well that the reading he did in his early years was pretty low-brow  - W.E. Johns's Biggles, the collected works of Erle Stanley Gardner, Leslie Charteris's The Saint series and so on - but what they may not know, although they'll probably have guessed, was how he got from this very unpromising start as a reader to the reading of worthwhile and serious literature. This essay helps to explain how this transition was, and can be, made.


Title: Re: Clive in the TLS
Post by Stewart Betts on Today at 21:41
Oh oh oh!  Where willl I find the reference in Unreliable Memoirs? I've always believed that in literary terms Clive and I have never had anything in common - I'm almost always completely in awe of his literary references, but the "collected works of Erle Stanley Gardner"????  That one slipped past me.  Sadly, I have spent several years trying to obtain all 85 of the Perry Mason novels. Thanks to E bay I am now within two of my goal ("The Case of The Spurious Spinster" and "The Case of The Troubled Trustee" in case any Voice out there wants to realise a couple of quid). And to think that Clive was once a fellow traveller...

Title: Re: Clive in the TLS
Post by Jan on Today at 22:11
For the sake of the archives:


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