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(Message started by: Ian Chippett on Today at 13:01)

Title: Syntax?
Post by Ian Chippett on Today at 13:01
I think I've spotted a (rare) case of Homer nodding though I'm sure I can't be the only one. Shouldn't the line in the last verse of "I See The Joker" be " Is this headache on my brow from his crosswires?" Wouldn't rhyme, I admit. As it stands, "Is this headache from his crosswires on my brow?" doesn't really make a lot of sense.

Ian C

Title: Re: Syntax?
Post by Keith Busby on Today at 15:20
I always pictured a shot, as it were, of the crosswires outlined on the forehead of the mobster, seen through the little telescope thingy mounted on top of the gun, just as the gunman took aim. In which case, the syntax would be correct, n'est-ce pas?


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