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(Message started by: Leslie Moss on Today at 11:41)

Title: Hill of Little Shoes
Post by Leslie Moss on Today at 11:41
Was I the only person who, while watching on TV the harrowing pictures of people in Indonesia sorting passports, credit cards and other personal effects into piles by nationality, was reminded of the piles of rings, teeth and other effects found in the Nazi death camps and inevitably to Clive's lyrics? Of course the causes were totally different, but the image was a powerful one.


Title: Re: Hill of Little Shoes
Post by Andrew Long on 08.11.22 at 09:43
This weekend I stumbled across this report of a visit to the Sydney Jewish Museum

'There is a wall of photographs of children slaughtered in the Holocaust and next to those faces a case of sculpted shoes;the shoes of the demonised and lost. It is the tangibility of such possessions that strike people with the horrible reality more than looking at numbers'

I wondered whether there was a connection to the lyrics of Hill of Little Shoes?

(The author (Robin Ince, last week's Big Issue p35) then also tells the story of Australian artist Sidney Nolan being commissioned in 1962 to illustrate an article on Auschwitz - but being unable to do so after visiting the site, having been  so shocked by the piles of spectacles , hair and shoes.)

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