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(Message started by: bobtaylor on Today at 12:18)

Title: Clive @ Wikipedia
Post by bobtaylor on Today at 12:18
Hi gang,
Just stumbled upon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clive_James and found very little of great interest there. There is a facility to edit the entry, which I have very briefly done, furnishing sketchy details of Clive's lyric writing and added a link to the PA website. Feel free to add, subtract or whatever to the information supplied.
Best regards,
Bob Taylor[font=Verdana][/font]

Title: Re: Clive @ Wikipedia
Post by Ben Coulson on 01.09.04 at 02:17
I have added a short article to the Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Atkin. The nature of the Wikipedia is that all of the content can be edited and expanded. My article (and the article on Clive) would both benefit from some additional content. I leave this to other MV's to consider. I didn't want to just cut and paste from Steve's work on the website, after all.

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